Our fellow lomographer saidseni from Lisbon, Portugal tells us of her 2009 trip to Lake Titicaca in Peru with her father, among the highlights of which was spending a night with the Los Uros people to relish a slice of life in this fascinating side of the world.


chase makes a lot of “little” mistakes

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Stay home, Famous landmarks zoomed out


spent about an hour cruising through that glitch town on google street view last night. usually street view glitches are fleeting, isolated things, but this one goes for miles and miles! and the data is from 2007!


Ever wonder what happens to elaborate film/TV sets once shooting wraps?

10 Amazing Abandoned Sets from Film and Television

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International Car Forest of the Last Church - Goldfield, Nevada

The dream project of two Nevada artists, the International Car Forest of the Last Church looks more akin to a druidic henge of junkers than any Christian chapel.

The product of artists Chad Sorg and Mark Rippie, the Car Forest began when Sorg saw just a seed of the project. As he was driving through Goldfield, Nevada, Sorg saw a car standing on its nose in the sand. Intrigued, the artist found that it was the work of Rippie and by 2011, Sorg had moved to the city to help Rippie expand their “forest.”

Today, over 40 automobiles including cars, trucks, and vans have been balanced delicately on their ends or stacked on top one of another, looking like a group of toys some giant simple left lying around. Each of the junked cars has also been uniquely painted with designs varying from skulls to caricatures of politicians.

Keep reading for the artists’ unfortunate falling out, on Atlas Obscura…


Greg Girard


Hurricane Camille

In the mountain slopes between Charlottesville and Lynchburg, more than 26 inches (660 mm) of rain fell in 12 hours, but the worst was in Nelson County where 27 inches (690 mm) fell. There, rainfall was so heavy that reports were received of birds drowning in trees, cows floating down the Hatt Creek and of survivors having to cup hands around their mouth and nose in order to breathe through the deluge. Though the official rainfall was recorded as 27 inches, unofficial estimates are much greater. Some estimate that more than 40 inches of rain fell at Davis Creek. Most gauges were washed away; however, it was reported that an empty 55 gallon drum that was not even in the center of the heaviest rainfall had 31 inches of water in it after Camille passed. “So much rain fell in such a short time in Nelson County that, according to the National Weather Service at the time, it was ‘the probable maximum rainfall which meteorologists compute to be theoretically possible.’ “

The ensuing flash floods and mudslides killed 153 people. In Nelson County alone, 133 bridges washed out, while in some places entire communities were under water.


Dad and Son Addicted to Heroin photographed by Anatoly Rakhimbaev




Wasp Nest Merges With Human Face To Become Nightmare Fuel