I need thread+a bigger needle to finish this poncho but I am way too lazy to walk to walmart



Meet The Brilliant 12-Year-Old Hacker Who Breached The Bud Light Website’s Impregnable Age Verification Firewall


Hundreds of people gather in a vigil to honour and remember Tina Fontaine and Faron Hall; both are first nations who were recently found deceased. Tina Fontaine was found in a bag in the river, murdered.

Media reports have come in saying that those marching have filled Portage and Main in Winnipeg.

We need to combat racism and prevent further violence and death to first nations people, but especially women. Canadians should not forget about this.

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The Last Stand | Marc Wilson

"Since 2010 I have been photographing the images that make up The Last Stand, that aims to reflect the histories, stories and memories of military conflict. The series is currently made up of 51 images and is documenting some of the physical remnants of the Second World War on the coastlines of the British Isles and northern Europe, focusing on military defense structures that remain and their place in the shifting landscape that surrounds them."

- Marc Wilson


Wow! Beautiful trilobite beetles from Malaysia.

"Platerodrilus sp." spotted by GC Gan




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Acrocinus longimanus